Who We Are.

Professional, Caring, Solutions

We are a premier relocation settling in services company, operating 
independently of any supplier affiliation such as real estate firms or van 
lines. We select and partner with only those service providers who share 
our demand for excellence.  We are professional, calm, caring, solution finders. We are listening to your needs and are here to act as your advocate.  We don’t just “talk the talk”, we have traveled and lived internationally, are respectful of different 
cultures, backgrounds and special needs.  We act with the utmost integrity 
both in our interactions with you and also on your behalf. We are connected.  New York changes quickly and the New York metropolis area covers more than a 75 mile radius, therefore it’s no small feat to constantly have your finger on the pulse of the Tri-State.  Our commitment to you is that if it exists, we will find it!  Whether it’s locating a Dutch products store in Connecticut or a proper fish and chips shop in 
Brooklyn, NYC Navigator is hot on the trail.

Why NYC Navigator.

Innovator in NYC Relocation

Relocation is an exciting, rare opportunity. A well-orchestrated transition is about easy adjustment and realizing new potential. Transcending the cultural and linguistic barriers that can undermine a successful assignment requires advanced knowledge of potential pitfalls. An innovator in global relocation, we know the risks and rewards associated with every move. Making certain relocation is not disruptive is only the beginning of what NYC Navigator seeks to achieve for its clients. New circumstances allow for personal enrichment, meeting professional goals and revitalizing family life. We are prepared for the mix of emotions, questions, obligations and opportunities you will encounter. Your new life serves as our inspiration. At NYC Navigator, we are honored to take this journey with you.

How We Are Different.

An Opportunity to Stay Connected

At NYC Navigator we understand the sense of 
loneliness and isolation that can hit Relocatees after their initial transfer 
'honeymoon' phase is over. The working spouse has the novelty of a new 
office and new colleagues - the comfort of the routine of work but often the 
trailing spouse is left floundering in the dark – wondering who to go to 
with questions and more importantly if they will ever meet new ‘friends’. 
With this in mind, we have created a series of monthly networking events designed to connect Relocatees with other Expatriates and their families. This also allows them an opportunity to stay connected to NYC Navigator on an ongoing basis.


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