We are the only Destination Services Provider in New York to have implemented such a service and we pride ourselves on our innovative idea. As all of our own team are experienced expats, we understand the sense of loneliness and isolation that can hit relocatees after their initial transfer 'honeymoon' phase is over. Once the excitement of the move, the new city and apartment is over, it is often replaced by a sense of isolation and sadness. This feeling seems to be particularly relevant in the case of the trailing spouse, even more so if English is not their first language and doubled again if a young family is involved. The working spouse has the novelty of a new office and new colleagues - the comfort of the routine of work but often the trailing spouse is left floundering in the dark - wondering who to go to with questions and more importantly if they will ever meet new 'friends'.

With this in mind, we have created a series of monthly events, designed to connect relocatees to like minded individuals - to match fellow countrymen, language speakers and families who have children of similar ages. The other criteria for our events schedule is to introduce 'New York' and help our clients integrate into our wonderful city by showing them seasonally appropriate activities, i.e. getting them out there doing what all the locals are doing and not feeling like a 'foreigner' in a strange place.

To date, we have been very successful at creating new bonds and friendships and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience for the whole team to see the concept in action.