Who We Are.

Local Expertise, Around the World

Global Navigator is a select group of independent Destination Services Providers, strategically located in business capitals around the world. We are multilingual, multicultural local experts who have banded together to form a global network offering consistent programs, exceptional quality of service, and one stop shopping for our corporate clients. We are not bound together by any franchise or chain but rather have initiated partnerships with those independent providers in each location who share our passion for providing high quality, personalized service. Local Expertise, Delivered Consistently Around the World.

Why Global Navigator.

Innovator in Global Relocation

Relocation is an exciting, rare opportunity. A well-orchestrated transition is about easy adjustment and realizing new potential. Transcending the cultural and linguistic barriers that can undermine a successful assignment requires advanced knowledge of potential pitfalls. An innovator in global relocation, we know the risks and rewards associated with every move. Making certain relocation is not disruptive is only the beginning of what Global Navigator seeks to achieve for its clients. New circumstances allow for personal enrichment, meeting professional goals and revitalizing family life. Our network of local experts offers unmatched expertise and the ability to work intimately with you in order to understand your unique needs. We are prepared for the mix of emotions, questions, obligations and opportunities you will encounter. Your new life serves as our inspiration. At Global Navigator, we are honored to take this journey with you.

Where We Are.

Our Offices

USA - Headquarters
Global Navigator
415 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017, USA
Telephone: +1 (646) 673-8588
E-mail: info@globalnavgroup.com

BS Relocation Services
Clemensstrasse 6-8
60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Telephone: +49 69 27297-323
E-mail: frankfurt@germanrelocators.com

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